Home Cooking!
- Easy to follow recipes from Chris' Kitchen -

Here are a few easy-to-follow recipes:

  Here's my tasty Spaghetti sauce recipe.

  Here's my great french fries recipe.

  Perfect with pasta, potatoes or rice, here's my really good ground beef recipe.
  Here's a recipe for making tasty ground beef in bulk for dishes such as Shepherd's pie etc.
  With this recipe, you'll never need (or want) to buy a pre-made grocery store burger again. Check out our ultimate hamburgers.

  A quick sweet and sour chicken dish.
  Brie stuffed Chicken with thyme and wrapped with prosciutto.
  Lemon chicken dish.
  Yummy Grilled Citrus chicken dish.
  Amazing Detroit hot honey wings.
  Looking for an easy but good and hot Indian curry? Try my easy curry dish.
  Quick, easy and good Indian curry. Try this curry dish.
  Thai chicken yellow curry. Try this curry dish.
  Garlic chicken drumsticks. Try this great BBQ dish.

  Very tasty slow cooker Pork ribs.
  Here's one for the BBQ... Yummy Limey Pork Tenderloins.
  Amazing BBQ pork.
  Mega delicious slow cooker Pulled pork.
  Delicious Pork Loin Roast.

  Here's a recipe that my son, Mart came across for lemon shrimp linguini.
  Awe inspiring Haddock, Cheese and Potato pie.

  Here's a tasty treat that I developed, Pizza!.


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Last updated: August 2015.