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January 2004
The Java navigation buttons on the main page were replaced with JavaScript buttons.

April 2003
Finally, I have photos of the long awaited E.Z. Street Mfg. Co. They're posted on the City of Prescott section of this web site.

June 2002
New photos are in! They're posted on the Special Projects section of this web site!

Please note that as part of a general clean up activity, all SLD related activities were also moved over to the Special Projects section.

March - April 2002
During late April '02, I participated in the SLD appearance at the Kingston, Ontario Rail O' Rama show. The members were all building something to do with Model Railroading - items such as a structure or a piece of rolling stock etc. Click on the Kingston, Ontario Rail O' Rama link to see some better pics of the Campbell Freight warehouse kit under construction at the show. Note that I'm using Campbell's pre-gummed shingle strips. Very tedious work but the model looks just great now the roof is done.

The pics are in! During late March '02, I managed to get two structures ready for display at the SLD club meet back on March 30. I'm building two structures for the SLD portable switching module: 1) A Campbell Freight warehouse kit (the actual kit is a "Dependable DeWitts Depository and Delivery" structure) and 2) A scratch-built track-side shanty. Both of these buildings can be seen here.

February 2002
Completed work on restructuring the P&M web site in order to make way for the new Goose Lake Lumber Co. site.

The SLD Campbell kit is starting to look really good. Stay tuned for pics.

November 2001
At the last SLD meet (end Oct '01), I volunteered to build an HO Scale Campbell structure kit for our portable switching layout. Work has begun on its construction, the walls are finished and stained with an appropriate colour.

August 2001
Sadly, the HO scale P&M was dismantled and taken to the dump. All of the track, rolling stock and structures have been carefully packed away in boxes as I plan to sell most it.

I plan to keep the HO scale P&M web site running and complete the photographs of Prescott with simple dioramas (at some point in the future).

Fall 2000
North Coast Engineering Command Control System (DCC) system was purchased and installed.

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