- Trackside Shanty -

In addition to the Freight depot, I also built another structure for the SLD module - a trackside shanty. This was scratchbuilt and the entire scene here is only a couple of inches long!

My trackside shanty was really easy to construct and for me, a lot easier than the Campbell kit (no instructions to read!). Also, my material cost was low - I used a small amount of Northeastern basswood siding and dimensional lumber that I had on hand, a scrap Grandt Line window, one Preiser figure and about $5 worth of detail parts plus paint and glue. More importantly, it was quick and fun to build!

Here are a couple of photos of the shanty after it was "installed" on the SLD module:

Effective weathering makes this brand new building look as if its been there for years and years.

"Planting" the structure into the surrounding scenery is the secret to making the scenes look real.

You can see other pictures of the SLD module and also this structure by clicking on the link.

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