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The Prescott and Madawaska consists of a multitude of many fine buildings on this free-lanced railroad. I don't relate too well with "prototypical" railroads, I prefer to use my imagination.

In terms of structures, the biggest problem to overcome is one of similarity to other railroads. I have overcome this in a variety of ways. Some buildings are modified kits, some comprise many separate kits "rolled" into one (with the heavy use of an X-Acto knife and a razor saw!), while others are scratch built. Heavy use is made of the DPM product line of HO scale buildings, including the modular structure line with Evergreen styrene, NorthEastern scale lumber and Grandt Line castings for the scratch built structures.

I also have one or two plaster structures, including one from Fallowfield Station, Prescott Station. This is a scale reproduction of the original Grand Trunk Railroad stone structure at Prescott, Ontario (send Grant or myself an e-mail for availability of this fine, affordable kit). The full size version of this structure still serves as an active passenger station to this day.

It's hoped that the next few pages will convey why I feel this is one of the best hobbies going. You know there's nothing to beat it for character and imagination...

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