D&RGW #04013 MoW Kitchen Car

Here is a partially completed resin D&RGW Maintenance of Way (MoW) Kitchen car from the new Cimarron Works On3 line. I built this for the September 2004 Narrow Gauge convention to show how finely detailed the under frame is on this kit.
D&RGW 04013 under frame
D&RGW On3 Kitchen Car under frame.

The brake cylinder, reservoir and rigging were from San Juan. The brake lines and truss rods are brass (all of these parts are included in the kit). Note the "gouge" marks on the center and intermediate sills where the wheels would rub as the car navigated tight curves. I'm told this was prototypical.

At some point in the near future, I'll finish the whole car.

To be completed later, please stay tuned...

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Last updated: October 2004