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Here are a few links to some other railroad sites:

The latest happening in Ottawa, Canada - The St. Lawrence Division - a new model railroad club of which I am a member.
Tim Warris' Port Kelsey RR web site in HO scale. He also has some great jigs plus custom built turnouts and crossings.
Grant Knowles home page featuring his HOn3 Colorado and Southern Railroad and also his G scale garden layout.
The Inyo and White Mountain HO Railroad.
The Athabasca system, a small piece of Canada from California - a really interesting site. This railroad was the subject of a recent article in Model Railroader magazine.
The Private Road Name Modelers Special Interest Group (SIG).
Steve Adamson's Rail and Trains in Ottawa, Canada site.
The C. Robert Craig Memorial library site, located here in Ottawa, Canada.
The Niagra and Pearl Creek Railroad. One amazing railroad, this site is incredible. I strongly recommend checking it out. Art is truly among the best.
The Ottawa Valley Ntrak a local Ottawa area club layout in N scale.
The Valley Ntrak of Connecticut. Another interesting layout in N scale.

Here are some more interesting links you can follow:

Canadian National web site
The (US) National Model Railroaders Association Canadian National Special Interest Group
MR magazine Atlas Model RR Co. Microscale Decals
Canadian Pacific RR
Grand Trunk Western RR Roundhouse

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