- The Westpark - a nine-story Apartment complex -

At 9-story's, it's a lot taller than the Walters' Redwing Milling Co. building to its left.
Photo: Chris Butler

A while back, I was asked by a fellow modeller to build a structure for him that would cover up a jack post and a sewer pipe in his basement layout. I don't think the builders of this house had planned things all that well as the jack post and the peninsular section it rose up from were the first things a visitor would see upon entering the basement. Covering up those eye sores was a priority.

I knew it would have to be tall so I built a 9-story brick complex from DPM modular parts. I built it so it would cover up the jack post and also the sewer pipe. Its roof is well above eye level. This building was built in sections:

This was a massive project. I had to keep it in pieces for as long as I could because it was too large for my spray booth! From left to right, the left wall, back wall, right wall and front wall.
Photo: Chris Butler

A total of almost 200 windows were installed into this monster. The odd shaped piece of styrene you see in the above photo is the flat roof section that was was cut to clear a very visible pipe and post that rose above his layout.

At 9-story's, it's a centerpiece of my friends layout.
Photo: Chris Butler

The completed wall sections were carefully transported to my friends house. Upon arrival, I glued the 4 wall sections around the jack post and pipe and added the roof. It was a lot of work but well worth it.

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